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Zombie Strike Codes and CD Key for June 2022

If you’re looking for active Zombie Strike Codes 2022, you can get them right here in our wiki. You will have the opportunity to acquire rare materials, such as precious stones and precious metals. The publisher of “TOJOY GAME,” an RPG, frequently makes fresh Zombie Strike cd key 2022 and releases it on his social networks. Here, you’ll find a complete rundown of all of them, along with information on how to redeem them and sources for the most recent ones.

List of Zombie Strike Codes 2022

We’ve prepared a list of all the free Zombie Strike cd key 2022. You may get free gold and gems by redeeming these vouchers.

Zombie Strike Codes and CD KeyReward
QiIMUNpJokNHgems, gold and free items (Valid until 7th June)
4FbItVarHxMqgems, gold and free items (Valid until 13th May)
9cpQBHtFJWlbgems, gold and free items (Valid until 21th February)
9pMVhKEkIorTgems, gold and free items (Valid until 7th February)
f1Ug7TTuq5wDgems, gold and free items (Valid until 5th January)
tjns2Og8T4Fogems, gold and free items (Valid until December 27th)
VZakDDyHQ6fvgems, gold and free items (Valid until November 30th)
ihjFD7LFly4ogems, gold and free items (Valid until November 3rd)
WW4QGZJIUqwuRedeem code for gems, gold and free items
vef4vzefg6LZRedeem this gift code for 800 Gems and 8 Beer
Qoys4pe6btKpgems, gold and free items
K8UAXrlPCBtkgems, gold and free items
lq8UOgdisMQdgems, gold and free items
byqYXuh2y7lHgems, gold and free items

Where can I get fresh Zombie Strike Codes?

Valid information resources are not hard to locate. All cd keys for Zombie Strike may be obtained directly from the publisher via their various social media channels. For more recent information on this game, check out the following resources:

How to Redeem Zombie Strike Codes to obtain free rewards?

Obtaining a Gift code in Zombie Strike is as easy as following a few prompts. It’s really similar to other games out there.

  • To begin, go to the top left of the game screen and choose “Cool Events.”
  • Follow that by selecting the “CD Key Exchange” option in the new window that just popped up.
  • Next you must input one of the aforementioned codes on the “Enter CD-KEY” text box
  • Finally hit “Confirm” and return to game with gems and gold
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Game Description

Get the strongest warriors you can find, prepare your equipment, and start recruiting survivors to protect your house.
Keep your hands free and say goodbye to manual administration with our extremely clever AI!
Assemble a formidable team and put them through their paces in timed, robotic zombie duels.
You may still reach your offline objective and be rewarded handsomely for doing so.

Strategy for Alignment
Pick a fighting configuration for your squad that best suits your strategy.
With so many allies and reanimated corpses at your disposal, the options are almost limitless.
Collaboratively create something very special!
You must improve as a commander in combat by learning each hero’s unique tactical capabilities.
The keys to your success are your connections with other classes and your command of your faction.

Extensive Material
Explore the depths and discover life-sustaining items to help you make it through the ruin.
Defeat creatures one by one as you ascend the End of the World Tower.
There is no turning back once you’ve started down the path of the Courageous Raid; failure is certain death.
The Institute of Transformation, Lucky Roulette, and the Mysterious Crystals are all waiting for you.
Make your base camp a safe haven worthy of your brave warriors.

Publish By: TOJOY GAME
Style: Role Playing
The Google Play Store is available for download and The App Store by Apple

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