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X Hero Idle Avengers Codes for June 2022

You should put the X Hero Idle Avengers Codes 2022 to use as soon as you can if you want to get the most out of them and maximize their potential benefits. If you frequent our website, you’ll notice that we’re continually introducing new promotional codes for you to take advantage of. You may buy them with diamonds, standard summon scrolls, currency, or even just plain old money.

X Hero Idle Avengers is an idle role-playing game (idle RPG) that was produced by Glaciers Game and is playable on mobile devices. It combines aspects of card games, role-playing games, and strategic combat into a cohesive entity that is both dynamic and entertaining. For the battle against the powerful armies of the enemy, you will need a strong coalition of individuals who are armed with specific talents.

List of X Hero Idle Avengers Codes 2022

This page contains all of the free codes for the X-Hero Idle Avengers game. Players have the opportunity to trade in these codes for free diamonds, summon scrolls, gold consumables, and even a God’s Key if they so want.

X Hero Idle Avengers CodesReward
father223 scrolls + 200 diamonds (Added on 19th June)
child224 scrolls + 40 love summon) (Added on 1st June)
lovemom3 scrolls + 30 love summons (valid until 31st May)
Easter22Festival code is released in advance (valid until 30th April)
22foolsday200 Diamonds and 3 Common Summon Scrolls (Valid until April 7th, 2022
goddess223 dice + 3 scrolls (Added on 8th March)
Lantern22diamonds (Added on 15th February)
REDPOCKET2diamonds (Added on 1st February)
Jan20222 scrolls + 300 diamonds (Added on 13 January)
NYGIFThappy new year code
HpyXmas10 Christmas candy + 3 God’s key (valid until 31 December)
Thksdayhappy thanksgiving code (added on 25th November)
Nov26300 Diamonds (valid until 26 November)
halloween6contains 3 candies (Added on 4th November)
Halloween300 diamonds +1 Halloween candy (valid until 15 November)
Goddess123Diamond300 + Faction Scroll1
22FULLMOONdiamonds, summon scrolls, gold consumables
915PNMCdiamonds, summon scrolls, gold consumables
910WINE or 910BEERdiamonds, summon scrolls, gold consumables
xhero666500 Diamonds + Faction Scroll*1
REXNCLUBdiamonds, summon scrolls, gold consumables
CardA, CardB, CardC, or 5chests100 Plane Badge
Lantern15 Common Scroll
Lantern2300 Love Point
Judyadded on 9 August
SDJFV4 Ranger Summon Scroll 
A1b2c35 God’s Key
Sorry500 Diamonds
Nature5 Common Summon Scroll
Juky5 Usual Dice
Minigameget The Key of Dimension (added on 14 July)
Lucky15 Surprise Medal Chest
Groupwitch5 Witch Summon Scroll
group5 Commun Scroll
Havengers100 Diamonds, 14000 Gold and 10 Common Scroll
zongzi5 Commun summon scrolls
JUNE300 Diamonds
SkillD4 Paladin Summon Scrolls

where to get new X Hero Idle Avengers codes?

They are the official press for the event in the majority of instances. I also use them to keep the site up to date, which ensures that the information you submit is always correct and current at all times. The vast majority of my interactions with other players take place on the official facebook of the Hero Idle Avengers

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How to redeem X Hero Idle Avengers codes?

To redeem your X Hero Idle Avengers coupon, all that is necessary are a few simple steps to be taken.

  • After you have started the game, go to the upper left corner to alter the photo that appears on your profile.
  • The ‘Exchange Code’ button will be shown in the next window that pops up after the previous one.
  • If you have a redemption code, now is the time to input it.
  • When filling out the “Please enter the exchange code” form, the codes that have been supplied should be used.
  • The moment you click the “Exchange” button, you will immediately get both diamonds and gold as a prize.

The latest information and developments on the Game

I would argue that the style of fantasy comics is at work here since it has a tone that is very comic book like, the artwork is great, and the animations are stunning as well. It’s always fun to see the heroes go at it in comic books. This is a game that will appeal to readers of comic books, role-playing games, and fantasy novels.
You may send your fantastic heroes to training even while you’re not playing, and even when you’re not playing, they’ll still acquire experience and levels automatically and quietly. Don’t raise a stink if you want things to stay calm.
There are hundreds of AFK avengers, each one equipped with a unique set of capabilities. You will need to call upon your heroes, carefully design a strategy that accounts for a variety of potential outcomes, and enhance your heroes’ abilities and equipment if you want to win in the arena and meet the darkness head on.

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Download it on Google Play or IOS

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