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Wizard Legend Redeem Codes for June 2022

Valid Wizard Legend Redeem Codes 2022 may be found on this page of our wiki. Unique gifts like Shards and Diamonds are up for grabs if you take advantage of their offers. The action game’s publisher, “Loongcheer Game,” routinely updates his social media with fresh Wizard Legend Fighting Master Codes 2022. Here, you’ll find a complete rundown of all of them, along with information on how to redeem them and sources for the most recent ones.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master, developed and published by Loongcheer Games, is a Roguelike action game available for Android and iOS. This game’s young wizard uses his powers to do combat, much like Archero. The game has over 50 different magical skills and 5 different magical components. Depending on the specific blend of magical abilities, combat strategies will vary. Additionally, the vast array of artifacts’ effects will render battles open-ended.

All the 2022 Wizard Legend Redeem Codes

We’ve collected all the available Wizard Legend Fighting Master codes in one convenient place. For books, shards, and jewels, these codes are redeemable.

DragonBoat2022diamonds, shards, and books (Added on 3rd June)
MotherDay22diamonds, shards, and books (Added on 8th May)
LaborDaydiamonds, shards, and books (Added on 1st May)
HappyEaster22diamonds, shards, and books (Added on 18th April)
AprilFool2022books, shards, and jewels
Gift2022Diamonds and books, shards, and jewels for Lantern Festival
ValentineDay2022books, shards, and jewels (Added on 14th February)
wizardgift2022need to clean 15 floors at least (Added on 1st February)
Happynewyear2022diamonds, shards, and books
Christmas2021fdiamonds, shards, and books (Added on December 25th)
Thanksgiving2021sdiamonds, shards, and books (Added on November 25th)
Halloween2021eDiamonds and other rewards (Added on October 29th)
MidAutumn2021b50 Diamonds (Valid until September 28th)
wizardgift2021ao50 Diamonds (Added on July 26th)
gift123a50 Diamonds
fatherday2021a50 Diamonds
wizardgift2021oo50 Diamonds

Where can I get a new Wizard Legend Redeem Codes ?

Valid information resources are not hard to locate. The only place you can get a Wizard Legend Fighting Master Code is from the publisher themselves, and they only do it via their official channels on social media. For more recent information on this game, check out the following resources:

I have a Wizard Legend Code, but I don’t know how to redeem it.

Wizard Legend Redeem Codes

A Wizard Legend Fighting Master Gift voucher may be redeemed in a few easy steps. It’s really similar to other games out there.

  • To begin, go to the top left of the game screen and choose the “Settings” button.
  • Then, in the new window that was opened, click the button labeled “Redeem Code.”
  • Then, in the space labeled “please input the redeem code,” type one of the above-mentioned codes.
  • When you’re done, hit “Confirm,” and your gems and stuff will be added to your inventory.
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Game info and Description

The tiny magician’s go-to snack is sweets of all kinds. After much research into the topic, he came to the conclusion that a magician never has to worry about gaining fat since consuming sugary treats restores any energy wasted in the study of magic. But the so-called “Dessert Company” started doing useless experiments, turning all the treats into dangerous creatures. The little magician’s anger led him to the Compagnie des Desserts, where he vowed to rid the world of sugary treats and investigate the cause of the problem.

  • Title : Wizard Legend Fighting Master
  • Publisher Loongcheer Game
  • Genre : Role Playing
  • Download :

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