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War of Kings Gift Codes for June 2022

In the simulation genre, we have War of Kings, created by Falcon Studios. When the game’s editors and developers want to show their appreciation for its fans, they provide fresh War of Kings Gift Codes 2022. These often provide free benefits to encourage new items and aid in the development of both novice and advanced gamers. The War of Kings Codes 2022 will provide you with a variety of rewards, including in-game currency, consumables, and premium goods like Gems and Diamonds, in addition to the standard compensations like bug fixes and content updates. In other words, these benefits are standard for everyone. Take care, for each usage is your last.

List of War of Kings codes 2022

All available free War of Kings codes are listed here. These vouchers may be exchanged for precious stones, gems and diamonds.

War of Kings Gift CodesReward
ajh486 gems and diamonds (valid until 30th June)
txo735 gems and diamonds (valid until 23rd June)
jev984 gems and diamonds (valid until 16th June)
zat772 gems and diamonds (valid until 9th June)
zfg163 gems and diamonds (valid until 9th June)
akq124 gems and diamonds (valid until 5th June)
xuy740 gems and diamonds (valid until 2nd June)
wjc010 gems and diamonds (valid until 29th May)
raj140 gems and diamonds (valid until 29th May)
wpt231 gems and diamonds (valid until 22nd May)
zyw823 gems and diamonds (valid until 19th May)
jfk474 gems and diamonds (valid until 15th May)
rjs450 gems and diamonds (valid until 12th May)
fnq451 gems and diamonds (valid until 8th May)
mdo504 gems and diamonds (valid until 8th May)
tyt011 gems and diamonds (valid until 24th April)
ubq315 gems and diamonds (valid until 24th April)
ykx370 gems and diamonds (valid until 21st April)
cuf878 gems and diamonds (valid until 17th April)
jqr943  gems and diamonds (valid until 14th April)
sfo443 gems and diamonds (valid until 10th April)
ebv765 gems and diamonds (valid until 10th April) 
bak204 gems and diamonds (valid until 3rd April)
voj065 gems and diamonds (valid until 31st March)

What are the steps to redeeming a War of Kings gift code ?

Claiming a War of Kings code is easy and only requires a few moments of your time. Like most other smartphone games. The first stage, as you can guess, is to actually begin playing.

  • To access these features, go to the “Benefits” option (located at the bottom right of the screen).
  • Simply choose the “GiftCode” button (the last button on the right) in the new window that has opened and paste the code into the appropriate field.
  • If you’re ready to claim your rewards, click the button labeled “Redeem.”
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where I can obtain fresh War of Kings Gift Codes ?

All of the codes have been obtained directly from the developers of the game. Now they’ve finally been made public through reliable channels. You may locate them on:

Join the Facebook Group for “War of Kings”

When a new War of Kings episode is shown on official channels, we add it to our list. Don’t miss out on the next one by not adding this page to your bookmarks.

Game info

  • Title : War of Kings
  • Genre : Simulation
  • Publisher : Falcon Studios
  • Download it on Google Play Store

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