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Ulala Idle Adventure Codes for August 2022

By reading this guide, you will get the knowledge necessary to apply the Ulala Idle Adventure Codes 2022 to obtain skill coupons, diamonds, starfish, and shell sculptures. X.D. Global is the company that produced the Android and iOS idle MMORPG known as Ulala Idle Adventure. The thrills and excitement of the Stone Age come to life via the medium of this game, which has a style that is both enjoyable and social.

Dinosaurs once roamed this land, and back when they did, life was calm and carefree for them here. They lived here for millions of years. These lovable dinosaurs have now made their home on your phone, with other fantastical beasts, in a fantastical environment. However, the beginning of hunting season is not far off, and then all of the tranquility will be gone. Instead, you should get in touch with your pals and demonstrate to them who the most agile hunter in the neighborhood is. You may level up your character with the assistance of the Ulala Codes 2022.

Ulala Idle Adventure Codes 2022 List

We have created a comprehensive list of all of the Ulala codes that are presently accessible. These Ulala Gift Codes may be exchanged for a wide variety of free items, including gems, chests, cash, costumes, and more.

Ulala Idle Adventure CodesReward
ulala88810 Skill Vouchers and 5 Meat chunk (Added on 15th December)
ulala99910 Skill Vouchers (Expire on November 30th, 2021)

How can I redeem an Ulala Idle Adventure Code in order to get free rewards?

Ulala Codes

There are just a few easy procedures that need to be completed in order to obtain an Ulala Codes 2022. Not really distinctive from other games.

  • To begin, it is necessary for you to go to the official website:
  • The next step is to enter your Character ID login information in the box labeled “Enter your numerical character ID.”
  • Next, under “Input your Gift Code,” you will need to enter one of the codes that are shown above.
  • Last but not least, choose “Submit,” then go back to the game, and make sure you have the vouchers on Facebook.

Game description and update

Come join us for some idle fun with Ulala: Idle Adventure while you’re waiting for your food or on the subway! The excitement and thrills of the Stone Age come to life in Ulala, a friendly and idle massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)!
Could you ever get your head around how carefree people were back in the Stone Age?
At the base of a volcano, on the borders of the desert, there is a home for a happy community of Ulala as well as a horde of teeny-tiny animals. The vast and expansive continent is home to a never-ending battle between tranquillity and activity, which is played out via elements such as ice and fire, thunder and lightning.
The sounding of the Hunting Horn has been prepared for this year! You will be able to demonstrate that you are the greatest hunter this season by riding your Tyrannosaurus Rex and inviting all of your friends to come along for the ride.

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