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The Walking Dead Survivors Codes for August 2022

Are you hunting for fresh TWD Survivors Codes (The Walking Dead) that really work? By reading this guide, you will get knowledge on how to utilize the The Walking Dead Survivors Codes 2022 to obtain jewels, shields, transmissions, and speedups.

The Walking Dead Survivors is a survival strategy game that can be played on both Android and iOS devices and was developed by Galaxy Play Technology Limited. In this game, you will experience the harsh realities of a post-apocalyptic world, and you will come across characters from the television series “The Walking Dead” that airs on AMC, such as Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and others. You will be forced to live in this environment. Together, you will need to utilize the radio to find other survivors, fight off attacks from zombies, build a shelter that is reliable, collect a variety of materials, and secure your territory from other survivors as well as zombies that may be hostile. Make use of our TWD Survivors Codes in order to get your prize for free.

List TWD Survivors Redeem Codes 2022

All of the free The Walking Dead Survivors Redeem Codes that are presently available are listed down below for your convenience. You can get jewels, shields, transmissions, and speedups by redeeming these codes.

twd7yYhgems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until 31st July)
twd3xSggems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until 24th July)
twd2oKwgems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until 17th July)
twd4eTmgems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until 10th July)
twd3xRggems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until 3rd July)
twd1cUkgems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until June 26th)
DadsRockgems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until June 22nd)
twd3cWkgems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until June 19th)
twd3lLtgems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until June 12th)
twd9mUugems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until June 5th)
twd7oYwRedeem code for gems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until 29th May)
ThankYouMomsMother’s Day gift code
twd8fWnRedeem code for gems, shields, transmissions, and speedups (Valid until 8th May)
twd7oCwRedeem code for reward (Valid until 1st May)
twd6cPkRedeem code for easter gift (Added on 20th April)
TWDSBunnysRedeem code for easter gift (Added on 17th April)
1YearOfSurvivalRedeem code for reward (Added on 12th April)
twd9iORedeem code for reward (Valid until 10th April)
HappYApriLFooLsRedeem code for Happy April Fools (Added on 1st April)
twd5bSRedeem code for reward (Valid until 27th March)
FourLeafCloverSt. Patrick’s Day and St. Patrick’s Walkers code valid until 23rd March
WomensDay2022TWD: S Community Team, have prepared a special gift code on this blessed day
LoveIsNeverLateRedeem code for reward (added on February 22nd)
LoveIsIntheAirRedeem code for reward (Valid until February 20th)
twd6sZRedeem code for reward (Valid until February 13th)
2022YearOfTheTigerHappy Spring FEstival Code (Added on 1st February)
twd3tLGift code Valid until January 30th
twd1yIGift code Valid until January 16th
TWDS2022Redeem Code Valid until January 7th, 2022
twd9eTRedeem Code Valid until January 2nd, 2022

Where can I get the most recent TWD Survivors Redeem Codes?

This information is desired by a significant number of players of The Walking Dead Survivors. Imagine being able to enjoy brand new experiences or characters before anybody else. There is no need to keep anything a secret; all you need to do is tune in to the broadcast channels provided by Galaxy Play Ltd., and you will be informed as soon as they are made available. Spending time doing a search on YouTube or looking through the search results on Google isn’t always a better bet than conducting a speedier search. Be wary of anybody who claims to have hackers or diamonds with a limitless capacity. Because of this, we have provided you with a list of reliable sites to use for this game. These are the ones that we utilize to keep ourselves up to date as well. They are as follows:

How can I redeem my TWD Survivors Code so that I may get my free rewards?

TWD Survivors Codes

There are just a few easy actions that need to be completed in order to be eligible for a The Walking Dead Survivors code. Not really distinctive from other games.

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After the game has loaded, move your cursor to the top left corner of the screen and press the Avatar symbol.
A new window will pop up; in this window, click the button labeled “Settings,” and then hit the “Redeem” button.
Please enter your gift code in the section labeled “Please input your gift code,” and use the codes that were provided up above.
After clicking the ‘Confirm’ button, your reward will become immediately available to you in-game.
In order to check your email if you use iOS, you will need to go to the official website.

For IOS user, you have to go the officiel website and check your mail.

Game description and update

It is essential to maintain vigilance and take full responsibility for everything that takes place, to design a competent strategy for survival, to join together with other players, and to successfully distinguish between enemies and friends. It is imperative that you construct a shelter, go on resource expeditions, and explore risky region since your companions will depend on you. There are many situations in the modern world that might cause you to make a difficult choice, with the urge to protect oneself sitting on one side of the scales and the desire to help others on the other.

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