Roblox Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes for 2022 June

Here in our wiki we have included all of the currently valid codes for Super Power Fighting Simulator 2022. They will provide you with opportunities to get rare goodies like Tokens and Boost. This role-playing game is published by “GamesReborn,” which is known for releasing new titles on a consistent basis through all of its many social media channels. Here, you’ll find a complete rundown of all of them, along with information on how to redeem them and sources for the most recent ones.

In order to advance in the Roblox game Super Power Fighting Simulator, players must hone their mental and physical prowess. Practice with friends or on your alone, explore islands off the beaten route, and develop your abilities to show off your true might. Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes 2022 may be redeemed for free tokens.

Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes 2022 Listing

Super Power Fighting Simulator CodesReward
FROSTLORD 10 000 x Tokens
WINTERUPDATE 7500 x Tokens
2MGROUP 50 000 x Tokens
HAPPYNEWYEAR 60 minutes de 2x Winter Tokens
FESTIVEBOOST 15 minutes de 2x Winter Tokens
150KLIKES 3000 Tokens
JustHamNoTurkey 3,000 Tokens
Pieover 3,000 Tokens
JakDNoob 5,000 Tokens
100KLIKES Redeem for 10,000 Tokens
VIPTOKENS 5,000 Tokens
REKTWAY Redeem for 3,000 Tokens
Rainway Redeem for 3,000 Tokens
xbutterflies Redeem for 6,000 Tokens
mehdiable Redeem for 2,500 Tokens
Sub2Cookie Redeem for 3,000 Tokens
1MMembers 10,000 Tokens
DRAGON 5,000 Tokens
OMNI +30 Minute x2 Luck Boost
ASTRO 5,000 Tokens
100M 180 Minute x2 Power Boost
400KFAVORITES 4,000 Tokens
space 5,000 Tokens
artifacts 50,000 Gems
Rektway100K 5,000 Tokens
goals 5,000 Tokens
gemupdate 50,000 Gems
PRESENT3 +15 Minute Free Festive Chests
PRESENT2 +15 Minute x2 Santa Rewards
PRESENT1 +5 x2 Golden Gift Rewards
LightDark 5,000 Tokens
XMASLUCK 180 Minutes x2 Luck Boost
FROSTOOTH 30 Minutes x2 Luck Boost
WINTERBOOST +3600 x2 Winter Token Boost
WINTERTOKENS 15,000 Tokens
350KFavorites Redeem for 3,500 Tokens
30KSupreme Redeem for 300,000 Gems
HolidayPass Redeem for 10,000 Tokens
85M Redeem for 8,585 Tokens
BUFF 5,000 Tokens
HAUNTEDBOOST a 5 minutes 5x Halloween Token Boost
FREEPOWER a 60 minute x2 Power Boost
BOO 3,313 Halloween tokens
SPOOKYPOWER Tokens and Boost
HALLOWEEN Tokens and Boost
REAPER Tokens and Boost
75KLIKES Tokens and Boost
65M 6,565 Tokens
30MVISITS 5,000 Tokens
BOUNTY 500 Gems
ELEMENTAL 5,000 Tokens
50M 5,050 Tokens
900KMEMBERS a free reward
ALIEN 500 Gems
void free Gems
Forgotten 5,000 Tokens
SKY 5,000 Tokens
Anubis 5,000 Tokens
sciborg 500 Gems
50KLIKES 5,000 Tokens
OPLUCK a 120 minute x2 Luck Boost
600KMEMBERS 5,000 Tokens
400KMEMBERS 5,000 Tokens
40KLIKES 5,000 Tokens
20MVISITS 3,500 Tokens

Where can I get new codes for Super Power Fighting Simulator?

Valid information resources are not hard to locate. Super Power Fighting Simulator Gift Codes are only available directly from the publisher via their respective social media channels. For more recent information on this game, check out the following resources:

Guide to Redeeming Your Code for Tokens and Boosts in the Super Power Fighting Simulator

Super Power Fighting Simulator’s Gift codes may be redeemed in a few easy steps. It’s really similar to other games out there.

  • To begin, go to the upper right corner of the screen and click the “blue bird symbol.”
  • When the new window appears, choose the “Code” tab.
  • Then, in the “code” text field, type in one of the following codes and click the “Redeem” button.
  • It’s great to be back in the game with some extra Tokens and leveling experience.
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