Calibria Crystal Guardians Codes 2022 March

In this article you will find all the Calibria Crystal Guardians Codes 2022 that you can exchange for resources and gifts from Cali, Skill Car, Lawful scroll, Energy and gems. They are all from the game’s official facebook account and will help you improve your breeding. However, it has been a long time since Calibria Crystal Guardians Codes were created.

Enter Calibria, where the battle for the sacred Calibria crystal has only just begun. The attackers invaded their home, and the Crystal Keepers, an ancient tribe of summoners, were unable to repel them. You, the last descendant of the clan, have boarded the Ark and set sail with the Crystal of Calibria under Gentry’s protection. Collect over 200 heroes from five factions, each with their own special abilities. Battle with hundreds of legendary heroes in spectacular fights! Assemble the best crew to take on the forces of darkness! Our Calibria Crystal Guardians Codes below can help you get more and much more powerful.

Which of your heroes’ abilities will you improve in this role playing game developped by Mars Game for Android and IOS ? It’s entirely up to you! Each hero has his or her own set of abilities. Skills can be learned in battle or gained through leveling up your heroes. Equip magic runes to boost your heroes’ stats and power even further. Mix and match your heroes to create incredible combos!

How to redeem Calibria Crystal Guardians Codes 2022 ?

To redeem Calibria Crystal Guardians Codes and get rewards like gems or energy, you will need to follow the procedure below

  • Go to your profile information in the game.
  • Next, select “Pack Code” from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, input one of the following codes:
  • Finally, go back to the game and redeem the item.
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List of Calibria Crystal Guardians Codes 2022

Calibria Crystal Guardians CodesReward
CALSPECIAL  Redeem this code to get 200000 Cali
SUMMON10  Redeem this code to get 10ms
XPMASTERX  Redeem this code to get 1XP cat
COME2US  Redeem this code to get LD scroll
EVILCATX  Redeem this code to get 1 skill cat
EQILOVEYOU  Redeem this code to get 5 Lawful scroll
TWITCH2020  Redeem this code to get 5 Lawful scroll
KATKOT  Redeem this code to get 100 energy
THXKAPAPEUR  Redeem this code to get 50000 cali
GEMSFORLIFE  Redeem this code to get 300 gems
DUPES2020  Redeem this code to get Legendary scroll
SALTYDEVS  Redeem this code to get 300 Essence
THXWENDY  Redeem this code to get 50000 cali
THXCAPCARO  Redeem this code to get 50000 cali

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