Bunniiies Codes 2022 March (The Love Rabbit)

In this article you will find all the Bunniiies Codes 2022 that you can exchange for resources and gifts from legendary rabbits, Shutter Shades accessory, a Ukelele or a cot. They are all from the game’s official facebook account and will help you improve your breeding. During 2021, the Bunniiies Codes were created at the rate of one per month.

Bunniiies is a puzzle game developped for Android and IOS where you must nurture rabbits in order to expand your farm. The player’s goal is to breed new bunny species by combining different sorts of rabbits, as well as train them to compete in various events and contests. Make a lovely green baby bunny by combining a blue and a yellow bunny! There are over 1000 distinct bunnies to choose from.

Bunniiies has a collection of codes that you can use. The Love Rabbit can assist you in harvesting new areas, farms, carrots, and even snow. Also, use them as soon as possible before they expire.

How to redeem Bunniiies Gift Codes 2022 ?

There is a pretty simple technique for using Gift Codes in Bunniiies. Depending on whether the games are for Android or IOS, this could be different.

  • To begin, open the game and hit the Menu symbol in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the Key symbol to open a new Settings window.
  • In the ‘Type the code!’ field, enter the codes we supplied above.
  • When you click the ‘Ok’ button, you will be rewarded in-game right away.

List of Bunniiies Codes 2022

Bunniiies Gift CodesReward
176568Redeem this gift code for Afnir The Dragon (Added on March 27th)
824675 redeem code for reward added on 2nd December
861891 Antho Bunny (Added on September 6th, 2021) (New)
131557 a legendary Bunny (Added on August 27th, 2021)
767211⠀  Legendary Epique Sand (Added on July 28th, 2021)
474596 a Cosmo legendary Bunny (Added on July 2nd, 2021)
768134 Bed Camp (Added on June 26th, 2021)
66712 Ukelele
9949 Scuba Diving Accessory
31724 Naya the Bee legendary flying bunny
54373 shutter shades accessory
28145 Legendary panda bunny
1238 enable Adult Mode
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