Blade and Soul Revolution Redeem Codes 2022 March

All of the Blade and Soul Revolution Redeem Codes 2022 that are now active can be found here in our wiki. They will provide you with rare goodies like as Stones, Chests, and Silver. It is simple to locate credible sources of information. You should be aware that the publisher distributes all Blade and Soul Revolution Gift Codes exclusively through its official social media channels. Here are the links we use to keep ourselves up to date on the newest developments in this game.

Blade & Soul: Revolution was released in 2018 by Netmarble as an action role-playing game. In order to overcome his opponents and exact vengeance on his master, the player will have to learn and increase the martial arts skills of the characters and heroes he commands. You’ll find a very successful 3D game for Android and iOS, whether you’re playing alone or with a group.

How to redeem Blade and Soul Revolution Redeem Codes 2022 ?

Blade and Soul Revolution Codes

There are a few simple steps to claiming a redeem code in Blade and Soul Revolution and get loot like Chest and Silver. It’s not too dissimilar to other games.

  • To begin, locate the “primary menu” in the top-right corner of the game.
  • Then, in the new window, select the “Settings” option, followed by “Account.”
  • Then, in the “Enter Coupon” text field, type one of the aforementioned codes.
  • Return to the game with the Stone and Chest.

List of Blade and Soul Revolution Redeem Codes

The following is a list of codes for Blade & Soul: Enchantments, as well as Chest and Silver, can be exchanged for Revolution. They had to be used before they expired.

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Blade and Soul Revolution Redeem CodesReward
GETSILVERUse this to get Silver and Chest
BNSRSILVERBOXStones, Chest and Silver
factionwarStones, Chest and Silver
gainweightStones, Chest and Silver
RURACCStones, Chest and Silver
RWEAPONStones, Chest and Silver
PETPETPODStones, Chest and Silver
HUNGRYPETStones, Chest and Silver
globalreleaseStones, Chest and Silver
HMTICKETSStones, Chest and Silver
STONEBOXStones, Chest and Silver
BNSRPETFOODStones, Chest and Silver
awaitsyouThis code will give you x1 Enhancement Stone Chest as reward.
BNSRevolutionThis code is used to get x1 Large Silver Chest.

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