Bacterial Takeover Gift Codes 2022 March

Find in our article all the Bacterial Takeover Gift Codes 2022 which can be exchanged for resources such as diamonds, Gene Strands, new bacteria, strains or even more and more contagious viruses. They are all from the game’s official facebook account and created by SIA Fufla. The Bacterial Takeover Codes are made available at the rate of one every 2 or 3 months during major game events, such as updates or anniversaries.

In Bacterial Takeover, this simulation game developed for Android and IOS, you will play the apprentice chemist, a mad scientist in order to spread bacteria and viruses to destroy the earth. In your possession, you will have strains and colonies of bacteria that you will seek to propagate, increasing their production and their contagiousness. In order to help you in your quest and thirst for science, you will have access to a lot of information, as well as statistics to reach your goal. This simulation game is quite trendy right now in view of the current pandemics. To progress faster in the game, you can redeem our codes for Bacterial Takeover to get more resources as well as precious diamonds.

How to redeem Bacterial Takeover Gift Codes 2022 ?

To obtain diamonds, new bacteria strains, or to reach a higher level of contagiousness, you can redeem our Bacterial Takeover Gift Codes 2022 below. To do this, enter the game by logging into your main account and locating the settings icon on the left of the screen. A button labeled “space message” should be present, click on it. As a message, enter one of the codes for Bacterial Takeover below and you will immediately get the reward.

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List of Bacterial Takeover Gift Codes 2022

Bacterial Takeover Gift CodesReward
VSQMLZGNZLTYRedeem code for some Gene Strands (Added on 17th December)
perhapsGene Strands
grindset540 Gene Strands
berserkforeveran Evolved Bacteria (Added on 8 June 2021)
Athena10 Diamonds
thinkmark20 Gene Strand
agonyan Evolved Bacteria
healer10 Diamonds
grimmjow10 Gene Strands
newprofilepican Evolved Bacteria
Hello10x current Bacterias
Igor is awesome10x current Bacterias
I want gene strandsGene Strands
Is it salmonella10x current Bacterias
Bye earth3x current Gene Strands
Do i see diamonds15 Diamonds
Unicellular organism10x current Bacterias
murkrat10 Diamonds
ATLANTISGene Strands
thething10 Diamonds
DahliastearGene Strands
exileEvolved Bacteria
HorrorDiamonds, Gene Strands and Bacterias
vaccineDiamonds, Gene Strands and Bacterias
byakuganDiamonds, Gene Strands and Bacterias
antmergerDiamonds, Gene Strands and Bacterias
gamestopDiamonds, Gene Strands and Bacterias
oblivionDiamonds, Gene Strands and Bacterias
SpanishInquisitionDiamonds, Gene Strands and Bacterias
elementaryDiamonds, Gene Strands and Bacterias

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