Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes 2022 March

Find in our articles all the Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes 2022 which can be exchanged for resources such as diamonds, Jelly, gold, summoning crystals or even precious stones. All this loot can be used to collect new heroes and improve your team in order to defeat your opponents more easily. The Awaken Chaos Codes 2022 in our list are all from official facebook account of this game. However, their appearance is quite rare, so use them as soon as possible. Awaken Chaos Era is a role playing game developed by Century Games for Android and IOS with already more than 500,000 downloads and a very good rating of 4.4.

In Awaken Chaos Era you will aim to create the most powerful team, made up of heroes that you will have to increase in skill and power in order to defeat ever stronger enemies. One you will have to show balance, mastery and strategy. The editor often adds new functionality, and last it integrated a unique hero, The Flaming Asura who has a double combat form. Earning and earning resources will be your priority, whether in PvE or PvP, indeed, gold, diamonds or happy people are key loot to progress. That’s why, redeeming the Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes 2022 is a good solution to get some.

How to redeem Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes 2022 ?

Awaken Chaos Era Redemption Codes

In order to obtain additional resources such as gold, summoning crystals or even diamonds, which we will advise you to save for the best equipment, you can exchange the Awaken Chaos Era Codes 2022 in order to obtain them. To do this, go to the game and first of all, you will have to finish the tutorial to unlock the “Benefits” menu which will be located at the top right of the main screen. When you click on it, you will see a “Redemption Code” button, click on it. All you have to do is enter one of the gift codes below in the field marked “please enter a redemption code” and finally click on the validated button.

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List of Awaken Chaos Era Codes 2022

Awaken Chaos Era Gift CodesReward
Hello100Normal Summoning Crystal x 100 (no lvl requirement)
FOODYGold, Diamonds and jelly
SwordoutGold, Diamonds and jelly
ACEEXPGold, Diamonds and jelly
WhosyourdaddyZachary x 1 (must be lvl 5)
Ineedadoctorabbott x 1 (must be lvl 5)
ACEDCAdvanced Summoning Crystal x 3
ACEFBAdvanced Summoning Crystal x 3
ACE777Gold x 10000 Diamond x 100 EXP Jelly x 100000

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