Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes 2022 March

The Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes is a new game which has just been released. This game is available on Android and iOS. This game is an exciting game which has a unique concept. In this game, you have to fight against your opponents. This game has a great graphics. The game is full of fun and has a good storyline. This role playing game is available on the Google Play Store.

Aura Kingdom 2 is a free to play game from the developer of Aura Kingdom. In Aura Kingdom 2, you play as a wizard who has been transported to an alternate world. Your goal is to become the strongest wizard in the kingdom and to use your magical skills to save your friend from the clutches of the evil wizard. Aura Kingdom 2 is a fantasy themed RPG that takes place in an alternate world. The gameplay is similar to the other Aura Kingdom games, but this time the player is not a human, but a wizard.

How to redeem Aura Kingdom 2 Codes ?

Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Activate Codes

Aura kingdom 2 codes are very popular online game now. So many players want to redeem these aura kingdom 2 free reward in here. In the game, you will first have to activate the “X-Widget”. To do this, go to the Settings menu and then click on “Gameplay”, you will find this button. Then you can then enter any of the Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes 2022 as in the screenshot to get rewards like Material, Regeneration Potions and Tickets.

List of Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem Codes

You will find the codes to redeem the aura kingdom 2 free version here. The game was made by Aura Kingdom studio and published by Big Fish games in 2013. This adventure game lets you explore the magical realm and complete quests. To start your journey into this enchanting land,you’ll need to enter the code provided below.

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Aura Kingdom 2 Redeem CodesReward
AKXMASRedeem code for Material, Regeneration Potions and Tickets (Added on 6th December)
6FQCMNQXW8KTRedeem code for alloy material
W9FTSXDCNQG3Redeem code for 50 HP Regeneration Potions
MPRS94W95KC4Redeem code for Quest Blitz Tickets for the mercenary or guild quests
3CBT3CHSP64FRedeem code for 2 Wing Gacha Tickets

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