Arcana Tactics Promo Codes 2022 March

The Aracana Tactics Promo Codes 2022 in this article could be exchanged for rewards such as gold, crystals, summon tickets, or major arcana. They will allow you to increase the power of your teams that you have chosen from a selection of more than 135 heroes in order to face your enemies more effectively. It is the creator Com2us Holdings through the game’s official Facebook account and their discord channel that broadcasts and creates Arcana Tactics Codes 2022. While in-game quests can get you these resources, you won’t say no to trading the codes for loot.

Arcana Tactics is a game developed for Android and IOS in which you will face increasingly stronger enemies. Victory will allow you to collect resources, gold, crystals, tickets, exclusive hero relic recipes, in order to improve each hero of your teams. Strategy will also be one of the keys to progress. You’ll lay down your cards to strike and counter your opponents, unlock new characters to increase your mighty collection. This will become a priority, whether solo or PvP

How to redeem Arcana Tactics Promo Codes 2022 ?

Arcana Tactics Redeem Codes

Earn resources to win battles. Here is the winning strategy of this role playing game. The more you have, the easier it will be for you to overcome your opponents. And Arcana Tactics Redeem Codes can help you improve quickly. To exchange them, you will need to click on the “menu” button directly in the game. It is located on the right. In the new window, select the “Promo Code” button, and finally enter the Arcana Tactics Promo Codes in the “Enter the code you’d like to redeem” box. As mentioned in this one, they are not case-sensitive. You will immediately get the loot, such as gold, crystals or summon tickets.

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List of Arcana Tactics Promo Codes 2022

Arcana Tactics Promo CodesReward
arcanadiscord300 Crystals
gold500000500k Gold
GSIKARCANA600 Crystals
ZDFAJKDL3E4Y20,000 Gold
10REALGOLD00010k Gold
0316gold5000050k Gold
03RANDOMMAJOR10x1 Random Major Arcana
love10arcanax10 Arcana Summon Ticket
reward0309at3000 Crystals

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