Arc The Lad R Codes 2022 March

The Arc The Lad R Codes 2022 in this article can be exchanged for rewards such as Spirit Stones, Des Goz or even 4-star summon tickets. They will allow you to evolve your team of heroes in order to raise them to their maximum level to overcome waves of enemies. Indeed, these can be exchanged for better equipment. They are all created by the publisher Boltrend Games through the game’s Facebook account. However, it is quite rare for a new Arc The Lad R Serial Codes to be created. It’s about once a month or for major events. However, you will find events such as the release of new heroes or bonuses to be collected.

Arc The Lad R is a game developed for Android and IOS, from the popular console version. In SRPG form this time. The story is that a great catastrophe wiped out half of the earth and therefore of its population. A heroine of this strategy game Princess Sanio fought in the ark war in order to rebuild the earth. Here, your role will be to embody heroes from different classes in order to overcome the waves of enemies. The more you progress in the game, and by improving your heroes, the more you will unlock new areas to have fun. For this, you will have to collect Spirit Stones as well as Goz (the game currency) to improve the equipment. You can get some by advancing in the game, but also by using the Arc The Lad R Codes 2022 available.

How to redeem Arc The Lad R Codes 2022 ?

Arc The Lad R Serial Codes

Although rewards can be obtained in the PvE mode or in PvP, Arc The Lad R Serial Condes can get you resources in quantities to improve your heroes and their equipment. To redeem these codes, in-game you will need to click on the settings button at the top right, in order to then open the “Serial Code” menu. A small pop-up will then appear and under the label “Enter serial code” you can enter one of the Arc The Lad R codes 2022 below.

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List of Arc The Lad R Serial Codes 2022

Arc The Lad R Serial CodesReward
ARCJULY100 Spirit Stones (Added on July 09, 2021)
ARCFBMA300 Spirit Stones (Added on June 09, 2021)
ARCDCMA300 Spirit Stones
ARCJUNE100 Spirit Stones
Rjusn100 Spirit Stones
ARCFB001x1 4+ Star Character Gacha Ticket
ARCDC001200 Spirit Stones
ARCScionStorm200 Spirit Stones and 50k Goz

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