Animal Restaurant Codes 2022 March

The Animal Restaurant Codes 2022 in this article will give you resources such as diamonds, assists, dishes, cod, sweets or even accessories like a guitar. All these rewards will be used to improve the comfort of your customers and your pets in the game. They are created by the publisher DH-Publisher and are distributed mainly on the game’s Facebook account. You will find an average of 2 Animal Restaurant Redemption Codes per month with always new rewards.

Animal Restaurant is a game developed for Android and IOS in which you are the boss of a restaurant who loves animals. Here it can be a cat that finds refuge in it, in search of affection and food. You will have to improve your restaurant by collecting resources and accessories, such as diamonds and decorations, but you will also have to manage to prepare meals for their satisfaction as well as for the animals that will come your way. Thanks to the codes for Animal Restaurant you will have the possibility to better personalize it, by creating the kitchen of your dreams as well as the decorations. This simulation game is very captivating and will leave you dreaming.

How to redeem codes in Animal Restaurant ?

Animal Restaurant Redemption Codes

To get resources and diamonds for free in Animal Restaurant, you can either just let the game play by following the missions and quests or use the Animal Restaurant Redemption Codes 2022. Getting diamonds is quite rare, but redeem our codes below. below can get you some. To do this, in the game, locate the settings button at the top right and click on it. You will then find an icon with a cat’s head on the left. It is in this new menu called “Redemption Codes” that you can enter one of the Animal Restaurant Codes 2022 below.

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List of Animal Restaurant Codes 2022

Animal Restaurant Redemption CodesReward
LOVEUMORERedeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 14th March 2022)
HAPPY2022Redeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 1st March 2022)
thx4followingRedeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 25th February 2022)
jinglebellsRedeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 24th January 2022)
XMAS2021Redeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 6th January 2022)
thanksgivingRedeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 26th December)
2ndanniversaryRedeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 13 october 2021)
midautumn2021Redeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 20th october 2021)
followusRedeem code for Cod, Plates and Diamonds (valid until 14th october 2021)
qixi2021Fairy Chignon (Valid until September 15th, 2021) (active)
celebration2021Speedy Teacup (Valid until August 20th, 2021)
tsuyu2021Yolky’s Flower Mementoy (Valid until July 22nd, 2021)
AR99950,000 Cod
happyjuneCandy Wall Hangings (Valid until June 15th, 2021)
superstar2021Strawberry Knitted Cap (Valid until June 13th, 2021)
onecodGolden Cod (Added on April 1st, 2021)
love2021Guitar (Added on February 14th, 2021)
AR99950000 Cod
5sYtuqu7pfPlate x800
Tb4AAzKWGe20 Diamond
qVvBMyuRXK100 Diamond
TG2020Thanksgiving Cat
xF3XbHWDOJ30 Diamond
mooncakeMini Convertible

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