Angel Saga Coupon Codes 2022 March

The Angel Sage Coupon Codes in this article could be redeemed for rewards such as XNUMX Gold, Soul Stones, Crystals and many more. It is the creator of this action game “Alchemist Games” who makes them available on the official facebook account of the game. You will also find there all the updates and events that will bring you additional resources to allow you to Skill up and reach the highest level quickly in this roguelike. Using the Angel Saga Codes may help you.

In Angel Saga, this roguelike developed for Android and IOS, you’ll have to fight monsters, demons and dozens of bosses, each more powerful than the next. At your disposal, you will have about sixty skills and special powers, which you can combine endlessly. You will have to avoid the arrows of the demonic archers as well as protect yourself from the powerful attacks of the wizards. You will evolve in the game until you replace bow and arrow with a powerful magic wand, and other legendary equipment that you will have the opportunity to craft. Through this mythical world where angel and demon confront each other, good and evil, you won’t have time to get bored while browsing it and exploring all the dungeons in search of victory and valuable equipment. Dungeons in which you will aim to collect resources such as gold and crystals.

How to redeem Angel Saga Coupon Codes 2022

Angel Saga Codes

In order to collect rewards and thus increase your skills in this action game, the Angel Saga Coupon Codes can help you obtain better equipment by offering you soul stones, crystals or even gold. Redeeming the codes below is a good solution, they are created for this. To do this, go to the game, in a game and click on the settings button located on the right of the screen. Among the options present, you will see a “Coupon” button, click on it to display the window below. Finally, in the text game called “Coupon number” enter one of our Angel Sage Codes 2022 and immediately get a loot containing, gold, crystals and XNUMX.

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List of Angel Saga Coupon Codes 2022

Angel Saga Coupon CodesReward
angelsaga300 Crystals and 50000 Gold
welcome50 Magic Stones and 50 Soul Stones
special2021500 Soul Stones and 50000 Gold
thanks100k500 Soul Stones and 50000 Gold

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