Alice Closet Gift Codes 2022 March

The Alice Closet Gift Codes 2022 present in this article can be exchanged for rewards such as clothes, a wardrobe, shoes, vests, and much more. They are all created by the publisher RenRen and distributed on their official Facebook or Twitter, however Alice Closet Codes are quite rare, however, you will find updates and events that will also give you loot.

In this casual game developed for Android and IOS, as in the anime with the character of Arina Tanemura, you will have to choose among 4 Alices in order to explore a fantastic world in which you will have to protect and save the earth. The game revolves around the theme of fashion and customizing your house that you will be able to build. Many PnJs and interactions are possible, such as during a phone call or a birthday party. Create your own style. In addition to the shops where you can buy resources to improve your character and its environment, you can also use our Alice Closet Gift Codes 2022 below.

How to redeem Alice Closet Gift Codes 2022 ?

In order to progress faster in this casual game and sometimes obtain very special gifts, you can redeem the codes in our list. These will bring you accessories, clothes, shoes, dresses and more. To redeem these codes you must in the game click on the main menu located at the top right. In the new window that will appear, you will have the choice of several buttons, locate the one entitled “Gift Code” and click on it. Now all you have to do is enter one of the Alice Closet Gift Codes below to get the loot and upgrade your wardrobe.

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List of Alice Closet Gift Codes 2022

Alice Closet Gift CodesReward
6MGJ8AF7“Let’s see what Seilan has prepared for you.” Redeem this gift code for free closet (Added on 14th February)
PX6PDLUGRedeem this gift code for free clothes, a wardrobe, shoes, vests
BC98TTQERedeem this gift code for free clothes, a wardrobe, shoes, vests

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