Age of Z Origins Redeem Codes 2022 March

The Age of Z Origins Redeem Codes in this article are redeemable for unique rewards that allow you to evolve faster in this game by giving you resources such as Oil Crates, boosts, Gold Packs, food and more. yet another. They are created by publisher Camel Games Limited which it posts on the game’s official Facebook. However, the release of new Age of Z Origins Codes is rare.

In this game developed for Android and IOS where reigns the apocalypse and the threat of hordes of zombies, you will have to manage to destroy this threat and save humanity from a certain extinction. You will be responsible for building a kingdom and a large army equipped with the latest technology. This, as well as your skills, can and should be improved in the strategy game. Rebuild your city and rescue refugees to forge prosperity.

How to redeem Age of Z Origins Codes ?

Age of Z Origins Redeem Codes

To help you develop your army and your city before saving the world from zombies, you will need additional resources. Age of Z Origins Redeem Codes can be redeemed for this; speed boosts for construction, research, or even food and materials. To be able to use them, you will have to click in the game on your profile to bring up the main menu. In it, click on the “Settings” button. In the new window, a special button for codes is present “Redeem Gift Code”. A pop-up should open titled “Redeem Gift“, you can then enter the Age of Z Origins Redeem Codes below.

List of Age of Z Origins Redeem Codes 2022

Age of Z Origins Gift CodesReward
Hellhades 3x Elite Recruitment Order, 1x Gather Bonus (1 day), 1x Oil Crate (100k), 1x Food Crate (100k), 1x Commander EXP (1000), 1x Speed Up (1h), 1x Recruitment Speed Up (1h), 1x Healing Speed Up (1h)
VIP666 1x Gold Pack (200), 1x Fuel (50), 2x Building Speed Up (2h), 10x Food Crate (10k), 10x Oil Crate (10k)
zb666 10x Hacker K Fragment
zb888 1x Azure Ark (1 day), 1x Gold Flagship (1 day)
zb999 1x Gold Pack (100), 2x Building Speed Up (2h), 1x Elite Recruitment Order
AOZMAINPAGESeptember’s Giveaway Redeem Code
LOGINAOZEVERYDAYLogin Gift Code only the first 2000 people (valid until December 2, 2020)

Game Description

In this strategy MMO, exterminate zombies, build alliances, and save humanity from extinction by battling the zombie threat!

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The zombie apocalypse has ravaged the world, putting human civilization on the verge of extinction. Now, you are the beacon of hope for the whole human race.
Survive by assembling a vast army of robots, soldiers, and cannons.
Defeat the zombie hordes and reclaim the deserted lands.
Rebuild your city and save the refugees for the human civilisation’s renaissance.
Form agreements with other commanders to destroy your opponents and conquer the capital in order to become the world’s leader and lead humanity to a new beginning!

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