Age Of Guardians Gift Codes 2022 March

The Age Of Guardians Gift Codes 2022 in this article can be redeemed to give you valuable rewards such as coins, gems, soulstones or elixirs. They all come from the official Facebook account of the game. Indeed the creator Age Of Legends uses it as a preferred communication channel for codes, but also for updates and events which will also give you rewards. .

This mobile game for Android and IOS will take you to a magical and endless universe where arena fights and spectacular battles take place. In it, hordes of monsters clash against a legion of heroes from which you should emerge victorious. To succeed in obtaining victory, being the defender or the aggressor, you will need resources such as coins, elixirs, gems to improve your heroes and make them much more powerful in order to dominate the battlefield. This role-playing game is really full of surprises, especially with the regularly created events.

How to redeem Age of Guardians Codes 2022 ?

Age of Guardians Codes

The Age Of Guardians Codes 2022 are a good way for you to level up your characters quickly and unlock new arenas. To be able to redeem these codes in-game, you must first complete the tutorial to unlock the “Benefits” button which will be located at the top right of the screen. In this new menu, you will find a “Code” button which in turn will open a new window called “Input Gift Code”. In this one a text field is present, it is in this that you will have to enter one of the Age of Guardians Gift Codes below.

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List of Age Of Guardians Gift Codes 2022

Age of Guardians Gift CodesReward
MerryChristmasThis is the code added for Christmas 2021. Expires on January 1st, 2022
REPACKRedeem code for coins, gems, soulstones or elixirs
HPPACKRedeem code for coins, gems, soulstones or elixirs
NBGIFTHappy April Fools’ Day Code (Expired on April 3, 2021)
CBPACKHappy Valentine’s Day Code (Expired on February 19, 2021)
PVPACKHappy new year Code (Expired on January 8, 2021)
SPPACKMerry Christmas Code (Expired on December 28, 2020)
Newbie 1000x Gems, 10000 Elixir, 10000 Coins and 60 Soulstones. (Expired on November 10, 2020)

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