2045 Wasteland Rebuild Codes 2022 March

The 2045 Wasteland Rebuild Codes in this article will give you various in-game resources like diamonds, gems or even gold. The loot you redeem is made available by creator Sysgames on their official 2045 Wasteland Rebuild facebook account.

This mobile game developed for Android takes up a plot where the world has been ravaged by a horde of zombies, and you, as a survivor, an overpowered hero, you will have to rebuild it by collecting resources and facing this army of the living dead. to save the rest of humanity. At your disposal you will have gold, diamonds and gems that we advise you to use only if necessary when you have already progressed well in this role-playing game

How to redeem 2045 Wasteland Rebuild Codes

The 2045 Wasteland Rebuild Gift Codes 2022 are just another way to get Diamonds and Gold in the game. To redeem these codes you will need to login to your account and then you will need to click on your Avatar by up the screen. A new window with lots of menu will open and you will then have to click the “Gift Code” button in order to be able to enter one of our 2045 Wasteland Rebuild Codes.

List of 2045 Wasteland Rebuild Codes 2022

2045 Wasteland Rebuild Gift CodesReward
3mSkd47rvJJyReceive Gold, Gems, Energy, Diamonds (valid until 19th December)
48R3H82xj4R4Gem*300, Fine Energy Bar*3, Quick Battle*2 (valid until 12th December)
8HwNbxx9yAcsReceive Gold, Gems, Energy, Diamonds before 5 December
8AQZaerMyTkLredeem code for Gold, Gems, Energy, Diamonds before 28th November
xpXuDNEzYCbGgift code for Gold, Gems, Energy, Diamonds valid until 21 November
5GfmyAVDFdHTgift code for Gold, Gems, Energy, Diamonds valid until 15 November
HALLOWEENsurprise gift code (Added on 31 October)
7XBF6w7k67AFget gems, diamonds and more (Valid until October 31st, 2021)
7h6WNa4D97sMRedeem this gift code for Gold, Gems, Energy, Diamonds
4ANJiBcXF4WRedeem this gift code for Gold, Gems, Energy, Diamonds

Game Description

We are all going to die, yet we are still alive today!
A unknown virus was carried to Earth by a meteor from deep space in the year 2045. The bulk of people became infected and became zombies, turning the globe into a chaotic wasteland.
The Argent Dawn was founded by the military, the Crimson Dusk was formed by criminals, and the Lost Tribe was formed by tribes with great immunity to the virus. The Undead Legion was formed when some of the wandering dead gained intellect. Unwilling to lag behind, the secret human lab constructed the Future Force, a force of formidable droids. The Eldritch Void, a group of aliens hidden in the shadows, intended to attack this lovely blue planet.

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